Life Drawing with Movement

Here are some drawings done in December when Sarah and her son Ben modelled. They are all 30 second or 1 minute poses, drawn on the principals and exercises I teach. It was a privilege to draw Sarah and Ben, to try to capture that unique and complex relationship explored through dance.  We have just started a new course at the Bristol Drawing School at the Royal  West of England this term. It still feels fresh, as every group and model brings something new.

It’s fantastic to have worked with so many amazing  dancers and performers over a sustained period of time. I have learned so much about the fusion of physical expression and it’s translation into a moment captured on paper through drawing; and the value of drawing as another language we have to convey being human..

I am primarily interested in capturing the dynamic of the pose. This involves observation of structure and weight before anything else. Once that becomes a habit there are infinite ways of using marks to suggest a figure in motion, a gesture, passing moment or mood.


"Sarah and Ben"  1 min pose     ink on paper


'Sarah and Ben'l